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postheadericon You can learn a lot of things…

from the flowers, for especially in the month of June.
There’s a wealth of happiness and romance,
all in the golden afternoon.

Meet Alice!

We are Disney people. You know, the dorks that perpetuate the commercialism that is Disney, and who fill their children up with the nonsense and often terrible stories of princes rescuing princesses. I say that with love, but it’s true. I love Disneyland. It’s magical for me. We go a couple of times a year to visit the mouse, and in the past five years we’ve gone three times to Disneyworld, as well. I’m very lucky to be able to travel there as much as we do.

Since having kids, another thing that has added to the magic is being able to make custom Disney outfits. I just love them! You can see some of the outfits I made for our last trip here, including this Alice dress. It is so fun to be able to have custom outfits for everyone.

We’re heading to Disneyland again in six weeks, this time with another couple and their baby. It will be the first time we’ve gone anywhere with two kids, the first time we’ve traveled with a baby, and I am sure will be very interesting. But before we go it’s time for me to create some more pieces. Hooray!

This Alice dress is made using the Precious Dress pattern from The Scientific Seamstress. The pantaloons are made using Easy Fit Pants. I love this little dress, and so does Abby. She wants to wear it every day!

And I can’t leave you without a photo of my little guy, as well. He is getting so big already!

postheadericon An Attachable Car Seat Cover

Griffin is 11 weeks now and everything seems exciting to him. He just can’t shut his eyes long enough to sleep! He has to be shut out from everything in order to fall asleep, so I decided to make one of those nifty attachable car seat blankets to go over the top of his car seat. I couldn’t find a good PDF tutorial for it either – so I decided to make one when I was finished. This is my very first tutorial, so cut me slack if things are confusing in it and please let me know so I can fix it.

You can download the PDF tutorial here:

postheadericon Easter Egg Hunt

Every year we are invited to a huge easter egg hunt at a family friend’s house. And when I say huge, I mean it. We’re talking 50+ families! The sheer amount of hidden eggs, chocolate, and the spread of food is spectacular. The woman who puts it on is an amazing baker, and makes these beautiful, elaborate cakes and candies for the event.

I did not get enough photos of the food – it was too difficult as everyone was always next to it! :) I did, however, whip up a quick dress for Abby to wear to the festivities. I wasn’t sure I was going to have the time but I just decided that she couldn’t go to an easter party without a special easter dress. So here is what I quickly made:

The dress is from the Simply Sweet Tops & Dresses pattern from The Scientific Seamstress. If there is any one single dress pattern you should own, it should be this one. It is SO easy, has a million combinations, and you can create so many other dresses from this pattern. Plus it looks very expensive once it’s put together – no inside seams show on the bodice and it’s very well fitted. The directions are also fantastic and very thorough. The matching head kerchief is my own design.

I also made a matching vest for baby Griffin, from another pattern by the same awesome seamstress.

We had so much fun! And woah, so much chocolate.

postheadericon Wordless Wednesday

My brother took this photo today as he was hanging out with me in my sewing room. I thought it very fitting, as this is the mess I’m usually in the middle of on a daily basis. :)

postheadericon Cars for Griffin

I’m still making these quick little tops from the tutorial at Made. Today’s is my favorite, little cars! I added the elbow pads and it is just too cute. Don’t you think?

I’ve got a bunch more knit boy prints to play with including some oogas which I can’t wait to use. I’ve got it in three different boy colorways… I don’t suppose you think I might have liked it? LOL These are oogas if you are not familiar with them:

postheadericon Matching PJs

Almost a year ago I ordered this Volkswagen fabric from a coop, as my husband and I are both vintage VW Bug fans. I ordered several yards in each colorway, though I didn’t know what I would do with the blue since I didn’t have a boy. Well, fate knew what was coming and after finding out we were expecting a boy, I made matching PJs for my little ones. Here they are back in December:

This week Griffin finally grew into his, so I put them both in them and I took some snapshots. Oh so cute! Look at how smooshable he is in these jammies:

And both of them together:

I can see there are going to be many “matching” outfits to come. Boy, are they gonna hate that.

postheadericon My first quilt

I went to the sewing expo this weekend in Puyallup, where I spent way too much money as usual. My favorite booth there is the Nifty Thrifty Dry Goods, which not only has the best trims, but also is displayed so beautifully! I want my sewing room to have decor like that.

One of my most exciting purchases, though, are the fixin’s for my very first quilt! I fell in love with the new Riley Blake collection, “Wheels” and thought it would be perfect for my little boy’s room! I figure by the time he’s ready to move into a big-boy bed I will be done with the quilt. That gives me a couple years! LOL

I will be using the above prints, in flannel for yummy softness. I’m excited to see they come in cotton as well, that way I’ll be able to make matching pillow cases and perhaps curtains. How fun!

postheadericon Girly Blouse Pattern


My most recent new item was a pattern I bought from Heidi & Finn on Etsy. It’s called the Girly Little Blouse and it was a pretty quick and easy sewing project. I made a couple of adjustments to the pattern since I wanted to incorporate two fabrics, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! I need to get some modeling shots. The 12-2T size ended up fitting as a dress for my almost 3 year old – so I would say it does run big.

I ended up buying a few of her patterns:
Pleat Bottom Pants
Sweet Wrap Top
& the Girly Pleated Skirt which I can’t wait to make.

It looks to me like she could use some pro photos for her online patterns; I wonder if we can work out a deal? :)